Night in Angel (Afghan Kitchen)

If you’re after simple, tasty and cheap then Afghan Kitchen is for you.  This small but cosy restaurant offers delicious, home-cooked comfort food and is located near Tesco opposite the hustle and bustle of Islington Green and Upper Street.  You’d do well to get there before 6pm or after 8pm as it gets extremely busy.

The staff can be a bit slow during prime-time so don’t expect a fast dinner if you’re heading somewhere afterwards.

I love it because I could eat a bath full of their chicken in yoghurt dish, it’s divine, well maybe not literally but I’d give it a good go!  The mixture of slow-cooked chicken and the different spices is an amazing combination and is best (in my opinion) just with some flatbread – and a wine of course.


Take cash, as they don’t accept card payments.

Then if you want a drink nearby, The New Rose is quite cool and laid back.  They sell Hendrick’s and probably have the best no-frills website.


About Hayles

Living in and loving London, I like to cram in as much as possible. I have a lot of different hobbies which I start on a whim and most of the time abandon for something else! My current interests include film, TV, music, comedy, art, photography, theatre and finding new yummy food establishments. Mostly I just love to experience the many joys and wonders that London offers. I started this blog to help me remember what I've actually done at the end of each year, but now I actually really enjoy writing and sharing what I hope is funny and/or useful information.
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