Night in Fitzrovia (Vapiano Restaurant)

Friday 10th August 2012: Ever wondered what it might be like to have a school dinner in Italy?  Well I’d like to think it’s like Vapiano.  This “fast and casual restaurant” is a great find for those who like yummy pasta and pizza and like it fast!

Upon arrival, you are presented with your “chip card” which you use when ordering food and drinks.  The waiters there only serve you your drinks, you have to line up in the “pizza” or “pasta” queue once you’ve chosen (which is the hardest part as it’s a big menu!).

It’s a bit of a first-come-first-served scenario, this includes finding a table and on a Friday in this cavernous establishment, we could only grab one of the canteen-style tables, but at least we didn’t wait for long.

Once you reach the front of the queue (I think I waited for 10-15 minutes), the chef asks you which style of pasta you’d like, (this is when most people say “that frilly one” or “those tube things”).  They let you choose which herbs and spices you’d like too, which makes it a fairly new experience, as you really can tailor your meal to your own preferences and thank the chef personally!

Just don’t forget about the “chip card” payment set up on your way out, or like me, a burly (but friendly) bouncer-type will hunt you down!  Alright, so he stopped me at the door, but it must happen quite a lot as it didn’t seem to be a big deal.

Okay, it wasn’t the best Italian food I’ve ever had, but it was rather nice.  The strange thing about this huge Italian restaurant chain is they don’t have any presence in Italy but are massive in Germany, who knew!

Fitzrovia location

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Living in and loving London, I like to cram in as much as possible. I have a lot of different hobbies which I start on a whim and most of the time abandon for something else! My current interests include film, TV, music, comedy, art, photography, theatre and finding new yummy food establishments. Mostly I just love to experience the many joys and wonders that London offers. I started this blog to help me remember what I've actually done at the end of each year, but now I actually really enjoy writing and sharing what I hope is funny and/or useful information.
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