Day in Southbank – Tate Modern

Tuesday 1st May 2012: The Damien Hirst exhibition at the Tate Modern wasn’t first on my list of things to do, but my friend had free tickets, so of course I’m going to go! 

Although I was familiar with his work, I wasn’t familiar with the man and it was only after I’d been to the exhibition that I Googled him to find out more.  Sometimes, learning about the artists’ stories are more fascinating than their work.

To get to the point, I wasn’t overly inspired by the exhibition, it was a mixture of mutilated/dissected animals and insects, clinical pieces and live butterflies.  Perhaps it is his apparent focus on death that makes people feel uneasy but also intrigued.  I suppose art isn’t just about seeing a pretty picture or a finely sculpted piece of marble but to delve into something new.

Well anyway he must be doing something right, as he is one of Britain’s richest living artists, not bad for a guy who probably picked the wings off of insects as a child and has now worked that into his art. 

He had a tough time getting into art college and then University, having had to reapply for each, but perseverance paid off and that is perhaps the most inspiring part of his story for me.

If you’re unsure about going to see this exhibition, I’d say still go, as obviously art is subjective and means different things to different people.  However, if you can’t afford (or don’t want to pay) the £11 entry fee, then watch this video instead!


About Hayles

Living in and loving London, I like to cram in as much as possible. I have a lot of different hobbies which I start on a whim and most of the time abandon for something else! My current interests include film, TV, music, comedy, art, photography, theatre and finding new yummy food establishments. Mostly I just love to experience the many joys and wonders that London offers. I started this blog to help me remember what I've actually done at the end of each year, but now I actually really enjoy writing and sharing what I hope is funny and/or useful information.
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