Night in Brixton (Ritzy)

Thursday 19th April 2012: My funny bone is being more demanding lately, so after a quick search for comedy nights in SW London, I found a good one taking place at the Ritzy Upstairs.

Most people will know the Brixton Ritzy for its cinema but wander upstairs and there is a very cute cafe/bar, then wander up a bit further and there is where you’ll find the perfect platform for their comedy nights, open mic nights, Jazz bands and a few other events (there is also a little balcony outside, handy for smokers).  The only downfall is that you can hear the buzz of the cafe but it soon emptied at around 9pm.

I must admit, I was mostly drawn to this night because first up was James Redmond, actor turned comedian.  I had a crush on him when he was in Hollyoaks (when it was at its best, if you can say that?!), he was later in Holby City and also co-hosted SMTV for a few weeks before being sacked for announcing the band, White Stripes, as the Shite Wipes hahaha.

James started off by highlighting his “failed” tv career, which is obviously interesting for those who wouldn’t have known him, but for me it was a bit cringey.  He soon moved onto some personal stories i.e. french ex-girlfriend and his Bristolian friend Barry which I really liked, he seemed to relax immediately and so did the audience, it was much funnier stuff.

He has an endearing way about him and he’s cute, so you want him to do well, he was also patient afterwards when my crap phone couldn’t get a good pic of us.  Good luck James!

Next up was Cariad Lloyd, a character comedian, tonight her character appeared to be Jess “I’m such a clumsy geek” from the US comedy New Girl.

The act was a string of one or two liners centred around taking the piss out of girls similar to Jess, but was mostly read off of a bit of paper, so she was obviously trying out this new act on us.  It was a bit hit and miss but mostly it was entertaining.  I would say she is a bit of a marmite act, love or hate her.  I’d like to see more of her stuff though, it was different and it would be great to have more decent female comedians out on the circuit.

I probably sound a bit negative, it was good, and comedians have to practise somewhere, but for me, reading from paper detracts from the overall vibe unfortunately.

Four Screws Loose were next, this act was made up of erm, four talented young lads, probably fresh out of acting school, who gave us several mini sketches with a clever use of well-known songs.

I felt like I hadn’t blinked the whole time, everyone was thoroughly entertained by their energetic style.  It’s not often you see a double-act never mind a quadruple-act, they brought something quite unique on (and sometimes off) the stage, great to watch.

Last up was Norwegian comedian, Daniel Simonsen.  Yes, you heard correctly, a foreign comic in the UK, and guess what?  He was really bloody funny!

He talked about very random real-life scenarios that everyone relates to i.e. pretending to be “fun” and “outgoing” when going for an interview to be a potential new housemate, or wishing that cats could laugh, or when your face starts twitching when someone’s talking to you for too long…simple but effective!  A must see.

It was a great night out and all at 8GBP (I don’t have a pound sign on my clapt out laptop,  in case you’re wondering!)  The drinks at the Ritzy are cheap and they serve some tasty food too.  Winner.


About Hayles

Living in and loving London, I like to cram in as much as possible. I have a lot of different hobbies which I start on a whim and most of the time abandon for something else! My current interests include film, TV, music, comedy, art, photography, theatre and finding new yummy food establishments. Mostly I just love to experience the many joys and wonders that London offers. I started this blog to help me remember what I've actually done at the end of each year, but now I actually really enjoy writing and sharing what I hope is funny and/or useful information.
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