Night in Hammersmith (The Distillers Pub)

Friday 30th March: Following some work drinks, I somehow managed to convince several colleagues to ditch the usual haunts (old man pubs) to go to a slightly more youthful old man pub, named The Distillers Pub in Hammersmith.

I like this pub, it’s a little walk away from the station, but it was still busy when we arrived.  There is a little beer garden at the side, which is always a good thing to have, for all the dirty smokers and uncouth (joke…kind of).  Inside, the bar is always well-manned with staff, so you never really wait that long to be served.  Upstairs in the “Regal Room” it’s cosy and perfect for intimate gigs.  I was keen to go there because they had a live music night and I had been having music withdrawals!

First up was Michael Ambrose, you could tell he was a nice bloke (James Blunt-like), but I’m afraid to say, his music was slightly underwhelming.  Perhaps it was the tone of the evening which didn’t suit his mellow and emotional tunes and lyrics.  Unfortunately, our group and possibly everyone else was suitably tipsy by the time he got started (8.45pm) and were in high spirits and wanting to remain cheerful.  So this act kind of killed the vibe! This (really poor quality) picture of one of our group says it all really…

Thankfully next up was the upbeat and super-smiley Beatrice Anderson.  This girl was so good, great voice, great original lyrics, great guitar skills…great, great, great.  At 18 years old and as a former Brit School pupil, I’d say this lovely lady is one to watch.

Tinderbox were next and our positive energy from Bea left the room…don’t get me wrong, they were good but in a Celtic, harmonious and dreamy kind of way.  It was a bit much for a Friday in a cheery pub, but in the right environment, I would have enjoyed it a bit more.

Onto the last act of the night and my personal fave, Johnny Mallet, now this is what I call a band!  It’s not often you get a frontman with the full package; looks, soulful voice, personality and dare I say it, charisma…bleurgh.  However, he does.  It helps when you are supported by two equally talented guitarists too.  The cherry on top was the music obviously, which was laced with a hint of an 80’s vibe *love*.  I could tell this band probably give out something even better with their drummer behind them, so I can’t wait to see that.


About Hayles

Living in and loving London, I like to cram in as much as possible. I have a lot of different hobbies which I start on a whim and most of the time abandon for something else! My current interests include film, TV, music, comedy, art, photography, theatre and finding new yummy food establishments. Mostly I just love to experience the many joys and wonders that London offers. I started this blog to help me remember what I've actually done at the end of each year, but now I actually really enjoy writing and sharing what I hope is funny and/or useful information.
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